Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds

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Introducing “Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds” – a mini 10-minute course dedicated to transforming the way you approach and care for your thrifted gems! 🌟✨

In this bite-sized course, I’ll guide you through my favorite methods for cleaning and sanitizing your thrifted finds, all while advocating for a sustainable and budget-friendly approach.🌱💚

Discover the power of all-natural cleaning options that are not only gentle on your clothes but also friendly to the environment.🌎

Don’t let stigma hold you back from embracing the world of pre-loved fashion. With “Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds,” you’ll gain the confidence to curate a sustainable wardrobe and make the most out of your thrifted fashion finds.

Course Details:
– Classes can be taken at your own pace & you start when you are ready. 
– You can rewatch the lessons however many times you like.
– Your purchased courses never expire!🙌



What You Will Learn In Only 10 Minutes

  • Effective Cleaning Techniques To Remove Stains And Odors From Secondhand Clothing.
  • Insight Into Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions That Are Gentle On The Environment And Affordable.
  • Proper Methods To Sanitize Thrifted Items And Ensure They’re Hygienic To Wear.
  • How To Make Your Own All Natural Sanitizer Spray To Take Thrifting.
  • How To Wash Toys And Items That Can’t Go Into A Washing Machine Or Dishwasher.



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