No-Sew Patch From A Tee

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If you are looking for a creative way to upcycle a t-shirt of your own or one you found at the thrift store that might be too small or too big to wear, but LOVE the decal on it… this class is for you!♻️✂️ There is ZERO sewing needed to create this iron-on patch that you will be able to adhere onto most anything. The process is super beginner friendly & you will just need a few supplies to get going!🙌

*No Sewing is Needed

Course Details:
– Classes can be taken at your own pace & you start when you are ready. 
– You can rewatch the lessons however many times you like.
– Your purchased courses never expire!🙌



What You Will Learn In 10 Minutes

  • A Creative Way To Upcycle A T-Shirt
  • How To Make Your Own Iron-On Patch (NO-SEW)
  • Different ‘Patch’ Color Options
  • Detailed Info Regarding Your Materials
  • What Type Of T-Shirt To Look For
  • ​​Unfolding Your Creativity!



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